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Breastfeeding Support


Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Making the decision to breastfeed comes with many benefits to both you and your baby! It can be beneficial to begin learning about breastfeeding during your pregnancy so that you will be prepared with confidence and knowledge once your little one is here. 

I offer a private in-home Breastfeeding Preparation Session which is two hours in length. During our time together, I will be able to provide you and your partner with information about the anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding, various positions you can use to feed your baby, how to know if baby is getting enough milk,  and I can answer any specific questions you may have. 

Postpartum Breastfeeding Support

Once breastfeeding starts, there may be times when you need a little support as it is a learning experience and each child is different. If you find yourself in need of any one-on-one meetings after breastfeeding has begun, postpartum support is also available. I will be able to observe a feeding and provide guidance that is individualized to meet your specific needs.