Birth Doula || Postpartum Doula || Lactation Counselor

"Having Dara as our birth doula completely enriched our experience and helped us feel confident and prepared for the delivery of our daughter."

About Me: Dara the Doula


Selecting the right person to be at your side during this special time is exciting and there are various things to consider. Here are some facts about me that may help in deciding if I am the doula for you! 

• I completed formal Birth Doula training and am certified through DONA International which is a leader in evidence-based doula training and certification. I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor and can provide guidance with breastfeeding.

• I was trained through Maternity Care Coalition's Community Doula Program which allowed me to be educated by several leaders in the Philadelphia birthing community. I completed the Blossoming Bellies Mentorship Program with Brittany McCollum and gained knowledge about guiding you into optimal birthing positions during the labor process. 


• Prior to starting my journey in birth work, I gained invaluable experience as a mental health therapist. I am a graduate of Spelman College and went on to earn a Masters in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. I have an extensive history supporting individuals dealing with substance abuse and trauma. Value will be placed on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I pride myself on being able to maintain and promote calm in stressful and unpredictable situations.


• I am a mother and have firsthand experience with breastfeeding as well as exclusively pumping. I offer postpartum support and am more than willing to assist you if any issues related to feeding arise.

• I value diversity and will make sure that the support and resources provided to your family are individualized to meet your specific wishes and needs. My family is from the island of Trinidad & Tobago, which is where I spent my childhood summers. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries over the years and enjoy learning about other cultures. 

My Goals as Your Doula


1. To help build your confidence as a parent

2. To provide emotional and physical support in your childbirth process

3. To assist in preparing for and carrying out your ideal plans for the birth of your child

4. To encourage peaceful relations between you and your medical professionals

5. To provide you with resources pertaining to your particular needs during and after pregnancy

6. To help expand your knowledge in areas such prenatal care, labor, lactation, and the postpartum period

7. To assist you and loved ones prepare for your growing family